Hello and welcome , my name is Tosh (Roshan Wijetunge officially), I’m a musician / producer / engineer. I put this site together to give you a little window into some of the things I do, from recording, mixing, mastering and producing, to building mic preamps and tinkering with audio software.

My passion is making music sound great, I love working with people to help achieve their musical vision and get the best out of their recording sessions. If you would like to work with me as producer, or as a recording / mixing / mastering engineer then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

Based in and around the Bath / Bristol area, I have the use of a fantastic mix room (The Green Room located on-site at the Real World studios complex) and have worked out of some of the many great studios in the local area including Rockfield, J and J’s and Real World

If you’d like to get in touch, you can message me via the contact page, via Twitter or Facebook, email rwijet@googlemail.com, or feel free to leave me a comment on the blog.

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