Setting up mics in the big room at real world

Based in Bath, UK, I started out as a gigging bass player (both upright and electric). For more than 10 years I played clubs, bars, festivals, private parties, all sorts, which gave me the opportunity to work with so many talented musicians in a huge variety of styles and settings. It also introduced me to my real passion, the studio.

To me it’s an amazing instrument that continues to inspire, challenge and delight. I’ve produced all sorts of things including salsa, country music and jazz, you can hear some of my work on the Portfolio Page. I’ve worked my way up from bedroom studios to magnificent institutions like Rockfield and Real World, I’ve also done a fair bit of location recording along the way too.

If you check out my Blog you’ll also see I love making equipment and getting under the hood of software, that’ll be the techie in me (I did an engineering degree). I also review audio software for the guys over at SonicState.com, you can check out some of my review videos there.