VR & Immersive Audio

Spatial audio is a rapidly growing field, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a range of projects from recording and mixing for 360 videos to creating immersive soundscapes for virtual reality experiences. For your project I can offer 3D recording, mixing, mastering and sound design

Here are some examples of 3D audio mixes and sound design I have worked on. These work well on VR headsets as well as spatial audio enabled headphones, for standard head phones, use the panner to move around.

As part of a livestream the band performed from my studio, I captured the performance in 3D with a Zoom H3N-VR as well as standard multi-mic setup, then combined the sources into a spatial audio mix.

The following videos are soundscapes taken from work performed in collaboration with Second Home Studios and Holosphere called Wasted: Into the Microverse. The experience provides an immersive narrative about the environmental impact of the everyday objects we throw away. I used a combination of ambisonic recordings using a Zoom H3-VR and studio recorded sfx mixed into 3D.

One of my first spatial audio projects was capturing this small vocal group and creating a spatial mix.