Moonrise Audio Microphones

The Moonrise Audio  Baby FET microphone is a high quality condenser microphone featuring a medium-diaphragm capsule with a smooth frequency response, coupled to a low noise, low distortion FET amplifier circuit

The Baby FET microphone features:

  • a hand picked cardoid capsule
  • individually selected and biased NOS JFET for low noise and distortion performance
  • 48V phantom powered
  • Supplied with shockmount, pop-filter and wind foam

Each mic is assembled, tuned and tested by hand in the UK before being signed off. The microphones have a clear and detailed mid range that suits many styles of vocalist and spoken word, however they are versatile enough to shine on many other sources including guitar, bass, horns, strings, and drums (note that for close micing drums you will need to engage the pad on your mic preamp, the mic itself won’t distort but it may clip your preamp).

You can hear some sample recordings here:

Example of the Baby FET on spoken word.

Spoken word recording example

Example of the Baby FET on piano. This recording used a spaced pair over the soundboard of a Steinway baby grand, bass end close to the strings and treble end higher up and further away

Piano recording example

Example of the Baby FET on violins. This recording features a layer of 3 violins recorded individually using slightly different mic positions for variation

Violin section (dry)
Violin section (with compression, eq and reverb)

Example of the Baby FET on drums. 2 overhead mics in spaced pair setup, 1 mic on kick and 1 mic on snare top. Kick and Snare mics have 20dB pad engaged at preamp

Drums (dry)

Example of the Baby FET on brass section. 4 part section recorded as overdubs using 1 Baby FET mic

Brass Section (dry)

The first batch of these mics are now ready for shipment at an introductory price of £149 + p&p. They are available in blue or black and ship with a pop shield, shockmount and wind foam. If you would like to make a purchase then please fill out the contact form and I can send you payment details.