Kevin Figes is a multi-instrumentalist and composer hailing from the vibrant Bristol jazz and improv scene. I worked with him to craft this fascinating album which we recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth (where, amongst many other amazing credits, Queen wrote Bohemian Rhapsody). “…a mind-expanding feast for the ears…” is how the 4 star Guardian review described it, I can’t really put it any better than that!



I worked with Tom to record and mix his submission to the Pannonia Film competition 2020. He composed and orchestrated a score for the clip using sample libraries, we augmented these with live strings and percussion elements.


I have worked on several albums for pianist John Law now. This latest one is a new project for him and a departure from his previous recordings, encompassing electronics, rock and more varied production than a regular piano-led jazz album. This was recorded at Chairworks Studio, and mixed by me at the Green Room at Real World Studios.

Among many glowing reviews, this album has made it onto BBC Music Magazines “Best Jazz Recordings Released in 2020” list.


Colombian Singer Songwriter Alejandra came to me with a collection of beautiful, delicate songs that she had crafted with voice and guitar. We worked together to create and record full arrangements featuring some wonderful latin musicians from the thriving Bristol music scene. Here is a link to the first single from the album:


John Pearce is a virtuoso violinist from Bristol, we worked together with his exceptional band to create his first studio album. John effortlessly moves between the classical and jazz worlds, he wanted to create a recording that reflected this and had the warmth and depth of those great jazz recordings from days gone by.

The album was lovingly captured in the Coachhouse at Rockfield Studios, mixed in the Green Room studio over at Real World and mastered at Metropolis in London.



This lovely close-harmony group came to the studio to record a 4-track EP and to capture some promo video at the same time. I really enjoyed working on this project, we captured everything live in the room and did just a little bit of post production to enhance the magic.


This was one of my first location recording gigs, and what a great band to capture live. These 2 tracks were recorded at The Tunnels, Bristol Temple Meads, (read the blog post if you want to know more about the process behind this recording)

Bristol Reggae Orchestra – From The Heart Of St. Pauls, Bristol


The Bristol Reggae Orchestra recorded their first album in 2017 and asked me to master it for them. This is a fantastic project bringing together musicians from across the diverse Bristol communities, great music with big arrangements for a full orchestra. Here’s an excerpt from the 2nd track ‘A Better Man’

Vocal Works Gospel Choir – Fourteen


I worked with VWGC (Vocal Works Gospel Choir) to produce their 5th album, Fourteen. The recording was split between Studio Wij for the rhythm section, and the main room at Real World Studios where we tracked the 50-piece choir to the already recorded rhythm section tracks. We hired in a load of Silent Disco wireless headphones for the choir, which meant everyone was able to have decent monitoring  without having to use monitor speakers and the associated issues of spill that go with them. The audio clip is an excerpt from the track ‘Oh Happy Day’.

Pete Josef – Travelling Song (live)

Pete wanted to do a live take video of this track from his acclaimed first album Colour. We recorded this live in Studio Wij, video by Chris Lucas.

Isobel Holly – Eyes

isobel holly EP

This talented singer songwriter brought her band to Studio Wij to record her EP, Sensibilities. The audio snippet here is taken from the lead track, Eyes.

Azhaar Saffar and Global Wave – Original Love

Violinist, vocalist and composer Azhaar Saffar brings together jazz, funk, soul and latin music with a seriously groovy band. I engineered the recording of the rhythm section at J and J Studios, Bristol, and we did vocal and violin overdubs at Studio Wij.

Newton Country – Set Sail


This up and coming band from Bath got in touch with me to mix stems that they had already recorded. Country music is not something I’ve done before but this was a great track to work with, well recorded, well written and structured, with great performances all round. One challenge was that the lead and backing vocals were recorded together on one mic, making balancing them a little more tricky, however the band had carefully positioned themselves and the mics, so it made life a lot easier.


TIMBATERRA feat. James Lambeth

This track was recorded, mixed and mastered by myself, I also did the arrangement in conjunction with Raimundo ‘El Nene’ Fernandez (who plays piano and soprano sax on the track). Some great musicians on this one, including the fabulous vocals of James Lambeth (he had never sung over a salsa track before), Rory Francis the one man percussion power-house, and Michel Padron playing both the trumpet and trombone parts. That’s me on bass too…


The album A King in a Rocking Chair was recorded and produced by Pete Bernard and mixed by Wij Produtions and Pete Bernard, mastered by Loud Mastering


This album was recorded at Fieldgate Studios in Cardiff, then mixed at Wij Productions in Bath. This was an interesting and lovely album to work on, I particularly enjoyed doing some sound design for the outro of track 8:23 as well as noise rock production for a couple of the other tunes.


Classical pianist and violinist Emily recorded a short showcase of her classical compositions, making use of the Knight upright piano in the studio.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wij Productions, produced by Wij Productions and Emily Blacksell

Aji Pa Ti – A Las Mujeres Como Yo

Great track from this Bristol based latin outfit, fronted by the wonderful Indira Roman. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Wij.




Bristol-based jazz quartet, recorded at Fieldgate Studios, Cardiff, mixed by Nick Dover and mastered by Wij Productions, here’s a track from the album Call Of Mind




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