Timbaterra feat. James Lambeth

I had in my head a salsa arrangement for Sunny, inspired by this great James Brown version of the track, so I decided to make it happen. Latin music is a passion of mine, I’ve been playing salsa bass for years and I think although I wasn’t born into it, it’s definitely part of my DNA now.

I came up with the basic arrangement and then got together with Raimundo ‘El Nene’ Fernandez (who plays piano and soprano sax on the track) to flesh out some of the horn lines and tweak the overall arrangement.

Some great musicians feature on this one, including the fabulous vocals of James Lambeth (he had never sung over a salsa track before), Rory Francis the one man percussion power-house, and Michel Padron playing both the trumpet and trombone parts. That’s me on bass too…

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